Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Now Haul Over All Hatch Hoods And Gun Covers

The title of this post is from US Navy Manual of Commands and Orders, 1945. I refer to it often.

The sky opened up this morning on my transit to work. Not unusual here, given that this is the tropical rainy season, except that typical weather patterns usually bring the thundershowers in the afternoon. The rain is often heavy enough to cause severe street flooding and very limited, sometimes no visibility. But there was something else about this mornings rain that reminded me of my late father and something he used to tell me about certain weather conditions like this.

In this picture, the bright spot in the left center is the sun shining through the deluge. My Dad, using his extensive knowledge of the sea and meteorological matters told me many times that, when the sun shines and it rains simultaneously, it means only one thing; that the Devil is beating his wife.

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