Monday, September 14, 2009


POSIT: 027° 08' 36" N / 080° 10' 44" W

Moored Port side to at Berth B-4, Stuart FL inboard a nest of six ships. Six standard mooring lines, doubled and spring lay out fore and aft. Topside security sentries posted, Starboard section on deck. The engineering plant is Cold Iron, main space roving watch taking soundings hourly. Receiving ships power, potable water and sanitation services from the pier. Material Condition Yoke is set throughout the ship. The Captain is aboard. Ships present include various units of the US Atlantic Retired Fleet, SOPA is COMSAMLANT, embarked in USS NEVERSAIL.


  1. Aloha,
    I am a retired social worker, but I am also a US Navy Veteran and naval historian. I found this entry to be fascinating and would like to see and hear more of the naval history that you have, and would like to share some of the history I have.

    A small bit of a story you might find father-in-law was the quartermaster of the USS Token AM-126, the second surface vessel to enter Tokyo Harbor on Sept. 2, 1945. The USS Revenge and USS Token swept the harbor of all mines, then the USS Missouri came into the harbor for the signing of the surrender document.

    I have more story to share, contact me at, I would like to talk more.



  2. Aloha navychappy - Your callsign infers that of a Chaplain.

    My father was embarked in the destroyer escort Richie DE-385 when ADM Jack Fletcher's task group entered Mutsu Bay. The group is named in a message hardcopy that my Dad saved and is now in my possession.

    Mahalo for your interest. I will send you a copy off that message.


  3. Aloha Sam,
    I was actually an aviation boatswains mate and launched birds off the aircraft carrier Carl Vinson. My last name is Chapman and everyone on board ship called me Chappy.

    I am a shade tree naval historian and would like to share information with you sometime. my email is My wife and I are moving to Kailua-Kona on April 1.